Tuesday, May 09, 2006

peter g's counterculture rwanda karaba super lot, redux

what dougie said. heart

but seriously. . .what dougie said.

no, no, no. i found this now-5-day-old coffee to be roasted to a nice city.

that makes it a noticeably lighter roast color than the regular rwanda peter so sweetly sent me first.

this roast retains the rwanda's brightness and rich bouquet. in the chemex it's floral, nutty, vanilla-y, and with an aftertaste that's quite like black pepper.

i think the body's the same as peter's regular rwanda.

on the yoga front, long-time readers may recall that lately i've been less-than-thrilled with this current fad -- it's seems to me to have become common throughout many nyc yoga classes for nearly a year -- of omitting the opening rounds of sun salutations in vinyasa classes.

not only are they warming to the body, which is so helpful to us in the over-25 set, but they also add a wonderful lightness that carries through the rest of the practice and even afterwards. this is the one thing i do like about the classic ashtanga primary series -- you can practically float along the sidewalk as you walk home.

recently i went to the supposedly advanced class of a popular teacher. i asked him if he was teaching the sun salutations that day.

to which he reacted with horror. "oh no," he practically snapped, "you'll never hear me start with surya namaskar a or b."

well, forgive me. if you're teaching an iyengar-inspired class, just tell me so i know; don't cop the 'tude.

and please don't call it a vinyasa class -- these tend to have a certain classical structure that i find really helpful, not having been a teenage ballerina ever. i know this will shock many yoga teachers, but news bulletin: many of us, your regular adult yoga students, have never danced or performed in cirque du soleil and will injure ourselves without a proper warm-up!

yesterday i really needed to go to yoga, but when i saw this teacher was in charge of the class i was considering, i nearly opted for pilates. then the nice person at the desk informed me there was a last-minute sub, to a teacher who was a dharma mittra student.

ah! a classical flow. i leapt into in that class like a fish into a pure, deep lake.

it started with sun salutations. and guess what? i floated home. . .

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