Saturday, June 10, 2006

about those leeks, or peter g's ambessa yrg

dinner tonite, courtesy of the csa:

and then, there were fireworks over the east river! pix tomorrow, along with the podcast.

as i sat in the sky watching the fireworks from my apartment, i realized how much i love cloud-dwelling. i work on a very high floor downtown, so high i can watch the weather come over the harbor and up the hudson.

few things are as fantastic as to sit up among the lightning bolts during a storm. really here in new york i spend most of my time either up in the sky or down underground.

street-level is but a brief perspective. sometimes it's both -- as when you zoom across the brooklyn bridge in a crazy hack -- that's street level in the sky.

there was a time when i lived at street level, like most people on the mainland. but here on my beautiful island off the coast of the united states, i play all above with a view of land, sky, sea.

i'm not sure i could live low again. . .let me assure you that it's awesome to sit and watch the blazing, brilliant fireworks, sipping peter g's new yrg.

i'll discuss that tomorrow, as well. it's waaay winey. all good!

and it was a fantastic contrast to the somewhat bright feeling of andrew b's ecco espresso, which danced in my morning cappuccino. (but not my husband's: for him it's the batdorf dancing goat or nothing!)

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