Thursday, June 08, 2006

surprise from andrew b & the csa rhubarb

the last few days have been quite seattle -- chill, rainy, unseasonable. thus i had to switch from yesterday's planned cold ginger-rhubarb compote to a hot dessert.

i don't usually take cooking advice from wikipedia, but i must say that i gambled on its rhubarb crumble. and won!

the csa rhubarb bunch was only 3 cups chopped, so i added in an organic bosc pear i had around to fill out the recipe. but i imagine almost any nice fruit would do.

at first the pan seems much too large for the amount of crumble topping and fruit, but trust me, it works out. mine was ready in 40 mins., and not the full 45, so check a tad early.

definitely serve with the best vanilla ice cream you can get your mitts on. delicious; highly recommended.

at first my husband was appalled when he saw the csa had given us rhubarb. he had no idea what i would do with it.

the strawberries were too precious to waste on a pie with rhubarb, and besides, they were so good they didn't last 24 hours, i must confess. but the crumble worked out great.

in coffee news, that sweetie andrew barnett of ecco sent his northern-italian style espresso and another bag of the wonderful 2005 brazil c.o.e., the são benedito. devoted readers recall that i've written about this fine coffee before.

both coffees are roast dated the 5th. many thanks, andrew! you're the best!

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