Friday, June 23, 2006

intelligentsia geisha news update

just emailed 'round matt riddle of intelligentsia about the hacienda la esmeralda panama geisha ordering situation. "response has been great," matt wrote.

it's a hot coffee, no doubt; matt sent out 5,500 emails yesterday afternoon! it's so hot in fact that doug zell's extending the ordering to make it more widely available!

so if you missed your coupon code, didn't get your email, or spaced on it -- whatever -- no worries. as of midnite tonite chicago-land time, doug's throwing open the ordering process to all.

that means you can order the geisha through doug's normal shopping cart. so, dear readers, set yourself a reminder on your watch, alarm clock, outlook, pda, whatever.

and get ready to buy away. good luck! i think doug will do this rare, exclusive coffee justice, so buying his version of the bean should be rewarding. . .

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