Thursday, June 22, 2006

prepare to check your email

per my previous posts on the rare geisha available from intelligentsia, prepare to check your email within 15 or 20 minutes. matt riddle is about to send out the coupon code that will let you pre-order this very exclusive, limited coffee.

i mean about as in "about right now." really. if you've been following the situation, you would have subscribed to the intelligentsia email list last friday.

and if you did so, you will be getting the coupon code in the newsletter matt's on the verge of sending out. follow all instructions carefully!

good luck pre-ordering your half pound of the hacienda la esmeralda panama geisha, the auction record-breaker and prize-winning coffee. for those of you asking yourself: is this coffee worth it? let me say: it was last year.

and the word is it's just as good this year! this coffee is expected to sell out online this afternoon. . .if you missed the email-signup, consider trying a phone order.

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