Wednesday, June 28, 2006

the next juan valdez

yeah, it's kinda campy, but it's kinda fun too. . .it was big news when the actor who for so long played juan retired.

¿wanna see the crowning of the new cafetero? here's the info:

"juan valdez stepped forward from the heart of colombia nearly 50 years ago. now, the man behind the icon for the last 37 years, is passing the reins.

please join us - via live webast - for this historic event as we salute carlos sanchez and welcome the new cafetero who will represent our beloved juan valdez and fine colombian coffee to the world.

thursday, june 29th
starting at 10:30 a.m. est
live webcast at

but of course i'm wondering about conchita! what charming equine will fill her dainty shoes? thanks for the heads up, mary p.

in other coffee news -- heartbreaking this -- long-time bccy idol catie baril has left gmcr. let me wipe the away the tears long enough to immediately encourage her to start an organic chocolate company, preferably with gal-pal eve ensler.

finally, about this m.i.a. podcast of mine. . .i want to use it to make a cool announcement, but the details of this just seem to drift from day to day. so once again, forgive me for the delay.

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