Saturday, July 15, 2006

fortune & the spangly pink tamper

barbie & tampie
so after oren and i rocked air america this afternoon, i got to play with all toys that long-time bccy pal terry z. kindly sent me. thanks, terry and espressoparts folks!

of course of the many wonderful things terry sent was the above spangly pink tamper. it's a thing of beauty -- a little lighter in weight than either my rosewood-handled reg barber or the all stainless espressocraft tamper from kenny nye. the pink's shorter handle and slightly lighter weight make it very fine for those of us with somewhat smaller hands.

plus, it sparkles in the sun like a fun hello kitty sticker. ooh, but that's not all!

i also had amazing amusement with the joeglo espresso machine wipes -- great for wiping the espresso crema drips off the top of my italian princess silvia -- and the joeglo machine cleaner.

this cleaning powder claimed it would quickly soak encrusted, burnt milk off the steam wand. and in the interest of pure testing, i left some milk on the wand in the morning to get rather nasty.

i mixed up the powder in a steaming pitcher according to directions and let the wand soak for 20 mins. wa-llah!: the dried gunk wiped right off with damp paper towel.

there are so many other toys in this sweet care package i could go on. and i will, later. but right now, i have to waltz around my living room some more with my spangly awesome. . .

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