Wednesday, July 12, 2006

mark inman's taylormaid rancho san antonio

i did brew this coffee today in the chemex, but i wasn't happy with the result. i started with 1.75 oz. fresh ground coffee to 28 oz. water, but i think this might require bumping up to the full "oren proportion."

what i got after 4 min., 25 sec. was a nicely balanced, slightly bright, slightly citrus brew. but i think it should have more body -- a lot more body -- this may be a bean best for single-origin espresso.

because most of the beans have either patches or pinpricks of oil, i'm calling this a vienna-; but mark didn't give me an agtron on it. . . i want to give it a proper description, so i'll wait until i've figured out how to brew it!

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