Saturday, July 01, 2006

a tale of 2 yrgs & various chocolates

My Odeo Podcast welcome to today's weekly podcast, and thanks for your patience. last week's was delayed so long, i finally just gave up on it. i hope this will never happen again.

it was a very busy day today at bccy, since i had to go down to supermodel central to have my eyebrows done. long-time readers know this always turns into a stop by hipster dive economy candy.

notable from economy -- they now have their own private label belgian chocolate at just US$1.29 a bar. while i was there, i also picked up some dagoba bars, the new organic valrhona, and a pile of cafe tasse.

it's a case of synchronicity, since i was on the phone yesterday briefly with long-time bccy pal mark inman of taylormaid, and we were discussing dagoba.

i do like the dagoba flavors -- esp. the mon cherri, with dried berries and vanilla -- but mark and i both agreed dagoba could be a tad waxy in texture.

i myself think such waxiness is a real downside found in many organic chocolates.

mark turns out to be a big fan of santander (i've talked about it here before). i personally put a lot of store in the new valrhona and hope to try that out tomorrow!

if anyone can make a perfect organic chocolate, it should be valrhona.

and of course, i also strongly twisted mark's arm to suggest that he hook up with another bccy pal, catie baril, since she's now free for exciting new adventures. they should do a high-quality organic chocolate together. . .that would be ineffably hip.

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