Tuesday, August 29, 2006

crisp & caramelly

woke up this morning and leapt outta bed to brew up yesterday's ecco bolivian c.o.e. in the cafetiére. and considering what a cold rainy day -- october's starting early -- it turned out to be, it's a good thing too.

andrew's coffee now finds itself at 5 days old. the beans show not a speck of oil that i could see, so i'm calling the roast level city+ or full city-.

it's just as i described it last time, i think: a crisp taste, a floral/sweetly spicy fragrance, with a malty aroma, a honeyed nose, and a great vanilla/syrupy aftertaste.

dogmilque remarks that it's "much fuller" in the press
, and i think i now agree, altho' last time i enthused about it in the chemex and as a single-origin espresso shot. we're talking body-wise here.

after plunging, i drank it black, no cream, no sweetner. didn't need any -- that's how fine it is, that even a noo yawka will effortlessly abandon her "reg-yaw-la." yummy and highly recommended.

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