Thursday, September 07, 2006

the chocolate wind-up artist

of course my inbox has been overwhelmed with links to the anti-chocolate nonsense of the guardian's c. bennett today. altho' not without wit, her venom is foolishly misplaced.

but should be good for a nice load of website hits, which is clearly its purpose. since she's clearly writing to annoy, i'm sure the stats counter's piling up in her favor; however, i personally have always found this habit of winding others up boring.

people who enjoy this just seem dull to me; don't they actually have anything original to say that would genuinely interest and engage an audience? do they use these defensive and agresssive tactics to protect themselves from an inborn social insecurity?

why put so much effort in the unproductive? but then i also have better things to do with my time, such as brew oren's antigua from yesterday. . .

how hard it must be for our friends the artisan chocolatiers -- dedicated and talented craftspeople who have devoted their careers and artistry to the notoriously "temper"-mental substance -- to run into the attitude hidden in this article, an attitude denying chocolate its rightful place in sensible food appreciation.

of course bennett reveals her ignorance by discussing cadbury's and nestle, as if they were actually chocolate. she doesn't even appear to be aware of the single-origin movement.

i can't imagine any serious paper would publish such an ignorant article about wine.

why can't chocolate seem to get a good break? it's an object worthy of serious appreciation and effort: if bennett can't get that, all she has to do is trundle down to chantal coady's to benefit from an instant education.

long-time readers will recall that i'm a big fan of coady's chocolate, esp. the dark bar with arabian spices. . .

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