Wednesday, September 06, 2006

does life get any better? no.

macbook pro 17

in here.

and not to belittle it, long-time bccy pal oren sent a pound of his new guatemala antigua, finca retana. he personally visited that farm last winter.

this is the same finca retana that won at the recent c.o.e., but oren's coffee comes from a different lot. oren's lot is entirely of the sought-after heirloom yellow bourbon variety, not the caturra and catuai of the c.o.e. lot!

"the farm is very beautiful," oren says, "good people and quite interesting. each parcel is labelled, all the trees are labelled." oren bought all this coffee from the farm; it's exclusive to him now.

a point of interest for antigua lovers, this coffee is the lowest grown antigua; later on in the season, oren's going to feature the highest grown -- so we can literally taste the spread here!

chemexi! as i like to say. . .

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