Saturday, September 16, 2006

it is decidedly so: classic coffees in da house

and yuppers dear readers the care package from don schoenholt of gillies arrived:

  • the famous lemon-y, caramel-candy yrg, the one ken davids named "the best yrgacheffe ever"
  • a yemen sanani, allspice and milk-chocolate-y
  • the smooth, big-beaned brazil cerrado, 17/18
  • and of course my long-time beloved, the sumatra lintong triple-picked, japanese prep

so this afternoon i chemex-ied the yemen at a "super-oren proportion" (2.25 oz fresh ground coffee to 26 oz water).

oh i swear i become more about single-origin estate varietals every day. anyway, i thought, hey! while i'm drinking some coffee, i'll set up my new macbook pro 17" to work with the cable modem.

so i thought it might take some time. i unplugged the cable from my g4 graphite desktop, plugged it into the macbook pro, turned the macbook on, and the next thing i knew the puppy had popped open a wizard, configured itself, connected to the internet, downloaded the update to os x 10.4.7 with its accompanying security update, installed them, and then hung up and rebooted.

oh. i guess there's nothing to set up.

this gleaming beauty is all about connectivity -- it's constantly on the alert for a network, any network, and when it finds one tickling at its whiskers, it connects auto-magically.

pretty amazing. so the only human intervention needed was that i when i went myself to connect via the cable modem after the reboot, it wasn't seeing the modem.

that's because i had to refresh the ip address after the os upgrade however; so i called my isp.

the nice lady there told me to select and then deselect my ethernet checkbox, apply the setting and surf away. wa-llah!

if i had known that trick -- which i guess comes from familiarity with tiger -- i wouldn't have had to call my isp at all.

so instead of fiddling with the mac, i spent my afternoon savoring don's yemen.

while i'm on the subject of apple products, let me also say that i ran down to every girl's fave place, tekserve, where a nice rave chick sold me the bluetooth mouse.

this is another thing of beauty here. so i pop in the batteries, flick on its belly switch and again the next thing i know the macbook is popping up a little window that basically says "hiya mighty mouse! let's play!"

wha? i said -- then clicked to configure all this baby's buttons, maxed out the speed and tracking, and immediately began to party with the magic 8 ball widget on the dashboard.

i repeat myself: oh. i guess there's nothing to set up.

i did install the software on the mouse's disk tho' i have to confess i didn't really do the install. this was a case of popping the cd into the slot and stirring my coffee while the macbook busied itself with the disk.

then it kindly told me it was finished. ok!

so there went my afternoon of not-having-to-configure the computer. i was forced to spend the time relaxing instead of geeking out.

now i can take the rest of the time to tackle my next batch of ratatouille -- the csa landed me with another 7-qt's worth of veggies!

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