Tuesday, September 05, 2006

new yoga doings in florida

long-time readers will recall the awesome yoga teacher nancy la nasa, who's been most recently in the news for her yoga classes in florida aimed at veterans of the iraq war. that led to a spot on cnn, which led to a nice editorial in the la times.

which now leads to nancy expanding her unique and beautiful yoga teaching to a new, larger space in the next couple of weeks. abhaya -- sanskrit for fearless -- yoga doesn't yet have a working website, but remains in pensacola (n tarragona st at belmont).

the first class date will be sometime around sept. 16; the big workshop no doubt is ashtanga goddess estelle eichenberger's coming oct. 5. truly devoted readers may recall that i took my very first ashtanga class from estelle in 1999.

while estelle is all about ashtanga, the new center will teach a variety of styles, including nancy's own trademark vinyasa. (it seems so easy when you're doing it -- and then you wake up the next day. . .)

anyway, i'm sure the abhaya yoga center website will be up in a few days. until then, email nancy and stay tuned.

congrats to nancy, and good luck to you! fearless is exactly what you are, and so i know your new yoga venture will prosper.

it's about time you got your due and more people discovered your incredible yoga!

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