Wednesday, September 13, 2006

nice article for gimme!

"you might first notice the guy behind the counter with the pirate-worthy tattoos or the chromed-out espresso machine he?s operating. Your attention might be momentarily drawn to the name of the beans he's using -- like agrica bv calama marka or platinum blonde. . ."

and today the ny times finally discovers bklyn coffee treasure gimme and the wonderful kenny nye at 9th street. congrats to long-time bccy pals kevin c., kenny nye, mike white, et al.

what took them so long? gimme and 9th st. have been open for years and years!

what is this idea that if it's from seattle, oh, then it's good? (to our nyc minds, if it's from seattle, it tends to be charred. . .see the mermaid.)

long-time readers also note that we've described the coffee mentioned above: the bolivian c.o.e. coffee, the agrica bv calama marka and the famed platinum blonde (for example, here, among others).

finally, i'm going to object a little about that description above of pro baristi as "he." some of the best baristi around, championship baristi, are skirts, you know!

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