Tuesday, October 10, 2006

completely ot: mac fluidline

devoted readers may recall that i recently pegged a macbook pro 17" as well as an awesome dior red lipstick as fall accessory musts. well lemme extend that (hah!) with a recommendation for m.a.c.'s fluidline gel eyeliner.

many products say smudge-proof, but few deliver. not only did this baby go on smooth and easy with a tiny brush, it stayed on from 8am thru a gentle yoga class! and came off with a quick wipe, no tugging or scrubbing.

waaay kewl, for those seeking this fall's gentle version of the sophia loren eye. for the curious, i chose the eyeliner in lithograph, with eyeshadow in silver ring.

don't forget: in this category, less is more!

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