Wednesday, October 18, 2006

life without espresso

yesterday i did resort to "desperation illy," but regretted that this morning as soon as i took a look at the crema that did not appear in the shot glass. where'd it go?

i bravely made it thru my cappuccino, but my husband put his down half-way thru. it was an espresso rebellion here.

luckily i had the sicilian hand-made chocolate, the casa don puglisi from the other day. this isn't an eating chocolate, but rather a hot-chocolate chocolate.

it's very coarsely ground with chunky demarara-type sugar and a lot of vanilla. each small bar has 4 squares.

what you do is break off a square, plop it in a microwave-safe footed bowl, add a couple of tablespoons of water, and heat on medium for about 1 minute or so. just until the square softens enough that you can stir it meltingly into the liquid.

slowly mix in about 8-10 oz milk of your desired fat level (go for whole!), and heat just until drinkably warm -- don't scorch the milk. do not scorch the milk!

stir again. the result is a delicious hot chocolate, wonderful for breakfast.

and since each bar is about US$8 (thanks, euro-zone! -- not) due to the shocking exchange rate, consider it a real italian indulgence. serve it only to those who really appreciate what they're gonna get.

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