Thursday, October 05, 2006

oh yeah, cup of excellence in the house!

and a major thank you to jessica m. of batdorf -- this morning she sent me the latest from her fantastic latitudes line, a colombia c.o.e. cauca, the el lechal. now i have very high hopes for this coffee; remember that the last colombian scott from batdorf offered was the super-amazing los lirios, which has become my personal benchmark colombian bean.

the cupping description uses one of my fave words -- sparkling! oh, i cannot resist a truly sparkling coffee. if it's got hints of orange citrus, then whoo-hoo!

just think of it as champagne-cointreau cocktail that you can easily drink before noon! this promising young beauty -- it's roast-dated the 3rd -- will hit the chemex tomorrow first thing!

and to follow up as promised from yesterday, i did make don schoenholt's gilles sumatra mandheling double-pick dark iv roast in the cafetiére this morning. this coffee finds it true heart in the press pot and develops a lush, thick, almost velvety body.

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