Saturday, January 06, 2007

da eagle has landed

so today i had a little coffee party with ariella and becky of everyone's fave publication, the bklyn eagle. we drank peter g's counterculture el salvador c.o.e. from yesterday, the finca malacara.

becky, like many people, at first thought she didn't want any afternoon coffee -- until she smelled peter g's fresh beans. that changed her mind.

oh yeah. fresh specialty coffee is irresistable, and the finca malacara has a wonderful caramel and vanilla aroma in the bag.

i brewed it in the cafetiére to make the most of its plush body. 3-1/2 minutes steep-time with 60g. fresh coffee and 1 liter water.

like many noo yawkahs, they took their "regulahs," that is, a little light cream and splenda. normally this is a coffee i'd drink black, but there's no need to push the press in its first encounter with an entirely new level of bean quality.

noo yawkahs luv da regulahs, as we proudly say in bklyn, so i'm not gunna smash da pretty ladies. fuggedaboudit.

mostly we sat around and discussed how cool bklyn really is while we delicately fingered our petit ecoliers in 70% dark chocolate. the supposed topic of our conversation was the famous csa post that generated so much hatemail.

and then believe it or not i posed with my nice key food organic fruits & veggies, which cost less than the csa's did and are much better quality. esp. the organic sweet potatoes!

my entire point is why can't the csa offer me organic produce that's better than that at key food? the csa's food should be nicer and cheaper, because it's local and doesn't have to be trucked around the planet.

but i won't go through this again. . .so we'll be looking out to see exactly how crazy the eagle thinks i am. becky sure started snapping pix when i weighed the coffee to the gram.

but long-time readers that's just what i do. with such a world-class c.o.e. coffee as peter's, why wouldn't i brew it as carefully as possible?

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