Thursday, March 08, 2007

enough to make me weep

"after having practiced forrest yoga for just 10 months, lori o'doherty, 27, spent a month getting trained, before leading her first class at back bay yoga six months ago."

yes, the yoga fad really must end soon. that such a person could be considered an appropriate candidate for teaching yoga is pathetic.

but i'm sure the "teacher-training program" enjoyed collecting her US$4000. which is the important part.

it's not these well-meaning "teachers'" fault -- but rather that of the lot of mediocre studios that get by largely on the revenue from these expensive but totally non-serious "trainings." certainly in nyc, it's no secret.

disgusticulus, i believe, is the technical term for this disservice to yoga.

btw, lemme make a quick correction from yesterday: the coffee's not actually a nyeri; it's an embu. thanks for the heads up, counterculture people!

further, i agree with my pal the yama-fiend: this coffee shines most brightly in a vac pot. brew it that way to see the most of what the coffee offers.

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