Saturday, March 17, 2007

everybody wants to sell you something

last week i went to the dermatologist, who advised me that i needed some retin-a pronto. ok: she's a doctor, right? -- she's recommending this because i need it, not because she needs to write x prescriptions to get her free bahamavention?

today, i go to supermodel central to have my eyebrows done. the head of beauty cruelty takes one look at my face before she declares i must immediately stop using retin-a and choose her fabulous exclusive herbal gel instead.

of course the herbal gel costs many times what the retin-a does. . .so there i was disgusted with all, slushing through the dirty remnants of yesterday's freak blizzard, and desperately wishing for a nice decaf dancing goats espresso.

ah. home.

why leave? you can do viniyoga in your living room and then pull a gorgeous shot on caesar vibiemme. . .

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