Friday, May 04, 2007

the estrella del sur

ok, so while i keep tweakin' my tones so they're not too pale on some macs, i'll just thank you all for your input! i appreciate it.

in the mean time, as promised, i chemexied up jessica's batdorf estrella del sur.

opening the bag was itself a delicious experience -- the fresh beans gave off brach's caramel aromas. yummy: candy coffee!

the fresh grounds offered up a lovely, spring-time floral scent. this seemed like a very clean coffee to me – i couldn't detect a whiff of anything that shouldn't be there as the coffee vapors bloomed.

tasting the coffee was the surprise: instead of the crisp or sparkling taste i expected, i thought this coffee offered a hint of wine-y! and i also understood exactly what roastmaster scott meant when he talked about the complexity the mixed bean sizes bring to cup.

because this coffee's not just nutty; it's like the nicest bag of mixed nuts ever. hazelnut, almond, brazil.

and overall this arching caramel-vanilla feeling into the aftertaste, like a good colombian. i loved this coffee from the get-go, but of course – as is my wont – i couldn't help but saying it also makes me pine for the ultimate colombian, scott's los lirios.

still, short of that, i'm so happy to have this estrella del sur! recommended.

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