Thursday, May 03, 2007

may reboot: better late than never

ok, ok, i'm late with the may reboot. sorry.

and it's not perfect yet, i know; i'm still working on the search page, the rest of the linkage, all that.

thank you for your patience and support while i finish up these last bits. tweakage is coming.

the new scheme is largely devoted to the "new york regular" – coffee with cream, get it? – but i needed some pink to stay all girly. i didn't want to have just another brown coffee site (even tho' we all know that good coffees are actually on the spectrum of very dark reds).

and of course the green is for brooklyn, with its beautiful parks and trees.

now that i've spent waay too much time explaining my color scheme, let's talk about what arrived in the mail today: jessica's promised estrella del sur.

that'll hit the chemex tomorrow afternoon, you bet. thanks to you, j!

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