Tuesday, May 01, 2007

guided by a southern star

and today i got a terrific note from jessica at batdorf, telling me about a new coffee coming my way: the colombia estrella del sur or southern star. this looks to be a whole new line of specialty colombians.

the first entrant is the palestrina, from huila (like oren's wonderful huila!) batdorf roastmaster scott merle notes a somewhat unusual feature of this coffee: its interesting mixed bean sizes.

he's calling this coffee a "15 full," because it includes all of the beans colombian size 15 and up, instead of having the beans sorted out to the "supremo" (size 17+) or "excelso" (size 15-17) standards, as is customary with colombian coffees.

as a fine colombian, you'd expect it to be crisp, citrus, and vanilla-y. and so scott promises!

can't wait 'til it comes -- but i'll enjoy my delicious gillies lemon-y yrg in the meantime!

poor me. thanks to don, jessica, and scott!

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