Wednesday, October 03, 2007

she's so heavy

whoa! 10w/40 and that's a good thing!

i'm talking of course about the body i found in peter g's counterculture finca kilimanjaro.

just terrific body in the cafetiére. lightly bright and citrusy as promised.

altho' peter had compared it to a kenya aa, i have to say i didn't find it anywhere near razor-y.

but as i was grinding this morning i noticed by beloved saeco 2002 was having a hard time, grinding very slowly. the motor had a markedly labored sound.

so i decided to rush home early from work this evening, take the puppy apart, clean it, just give it the once over. as i do so i suddenly realize this grinder is about 8 years old now!

and then of course i ran some of josh's great grindz through it to brush up the burrs. all good.

ah, it grinds as speedily as ever and the motor sounds better. . .

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