Saturday, October 11, 2008

the nino franco rustico prosecco

you know, oren so sweetly sends me his beautiful coffees - today i was going to write about his interesting brazil. this is noteworthy because his brazil is in fact interesting, whereas most brazils are boring. in this regard, i might think about o's brazil in terms i'd normally use for andrew's ecco brazils.

the truly long-time reader may recall i used to love making single-origin espressi from andrew's brazils. (and a big shout-out to andrew, who's in noo yawk today!) anyway, i will still write about o's unboring brazil, which i think also makes great single origin espressi.

but i'm afraid it's been hijacked by this prosecco i'm in love with this evening - so will write about o's brazil tomorrow, probably in the form of the americano.

ah, to the prosecco: it's really quite the best non-vintage prosecco i've ever had, this nino franco "rustico" from valdobbiadene in treviso. robert parker, of whom i'm not always fond, likes it too.

i will agree that the rustico smells like peaches & pears, sliced up and tossed in a big majolica bowl. it tastes so "mineral white" and bright, it sambas on the tip of your tongue. oh yeah.

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