Tuesday, December 07, 2004

and the word of the day was

brutta. which is how you say "nasty weather" in italian.

however, despite the truly miserable freezing wind, endless icy drizzle, general grayness, etc. etc. today is not brutta. why?

  1. mr. right got out some of his mysterious guyworld plier-type objects and with a quick twist & crimp fixed my broken brazil cafetiére (french press), at least temporarily, which then meant that. . .
  2. i began the morning with a fantastic press pot of gillies' enchanting yemen, a floral, winey, nutty, chocolate-y, thick cup o' heaven
  3. the marvelous oren himself dropped off a holiday care package filled with his famed beowulf espresso, celebes kalossi (a.k.a. sulawesi toraja), and lots of his completely addictive extra-large chocolate-covered dried cherries and double-chocolate-covered malt balls
  4. solomon's appliance repair said they would take a look at poor blanche on saturday, since i found the receipt

so despite the weather, today is an excellent, sunshiny day!

back to that holiday. the chocolate association here has to do with the chocolate gold coins that usually form a feature of this time.

i still haven't found any chocolate coins that are particularly worth eating. however, if i had time, i'd make 'em myself. . .with these molds!

however, then i have to ask myself: while making the coins would be a party, would all the wrapping 'em in gold foil prove as amusing?

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