Friday, January 14, 2005

how to hook up with that cute barista

of course, since -- as everyone knows -- i'm married, this article is useless to me. i had no idea that baristi were such objects of grand passion -- live and learn.

while i got over that dreadful cold i had from xmas thru new years, everyone else i know is still sick; thus i dread catching it again in some mutant and more virulent form. terrifying.

the weather here is so crazy: it was 60 degrees this morning in new york(!), in january(!); then it started this weird snow and rain mix thing, which, after about an hour, stopped abruptly.

we are now returning to spring, interrupted. it may be impossible to stay well.

but i'm going to try. i got up this morning and had another cup of david's atomic coffee "veloce" while reading his summer newsletter. right, he's in new zealand, it's summer.

the veloce, like all coffee, is changing as it ages. there's a little fruity/ferment thing going on in there, i think, and it's easier to detect now that the coffee's on the move.

i have to say i do wonder what this coffee would taste like if it were roasted to that illy color. it might be a little brighter, which i think david is trying to avoid.

however the crema glob thing is happening a-pace. that's cool.

now that my kitchenaid stand mixer, blanche, has returned from the hospital, i'll be starting some more of hamelman's baguette this evening. i have no bread in my freezer.

it's weird to open it and see it so empty, since usually it's stuffed with evidence of all the things we here at bccy so love.

and finally, i want to offer a quick update on my newish black mat from peter at manduka. it is getting stickier with every wash. .

p.s.: for all dear readers with questions about the mermaid's new drinking chocolate product, chantico, please see my previous remarks.

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