Sunday, September 11, 2005

the wild blue yonder or the nyt really hates anthony weiner

no, i'm not talking about a harrar here; i'm discussing the place where the new york times editors appear to live -- it's not on earth. or new york.

it's really unusual for us to get political here at bccy since politics is boring, while coffee is interesting. but as i've said, i'm looking around before the primary on tuesday.

yesterday, the nyt ran an article about democrats running in the primary -- they had a
big article that took up a nice chunk of page B1, the front of the metro section, and continued to B6
with large pix of fields, the times' man ferrer, and miller. the candidate the paper despises, weiner, got a tiny little ugly photo buried at the bottom B6 and a few inches separate from the main story.

funny that, considering weiner's sudden surge from 4th place to tie with ferrer for 1st is the big news in this race so far. today, there's another article on the race on the front page.

and in this article the times' patrick healey takes extra pains to jab at weiner, snidely sniping that he "is gambling on the counterintuitive idea that new york democrats will respond to an offer of tax cuts." as if centrist democrats -- who understand that the middle-class and small business in nyc are in fact massively over-taxed, under-served, and headed for the endangered species list -- are something "real" new york democrats (meaning, those losers the blue-yonder-livin' times endorses) should mock.

of course what the times has against weiner is that he might take the election from their tax-lovin' talking statue, ferrer. oh, and that weiner's platform is a tad clintonian.

i don't care how you feel about clinton himself, but gosh, i rather miss peace and prosperity. we could use some of that in nyc right now, to be frank. especially the prosperity part.

anyway, enough. since the new york times takes such special care to diss anthony weiner, i think he's my man.

today i'm still drinking jessica's yrg on ice, which becomes more wine-y by the day, and listening to joshua redman.

long-time readers may be surprised that i don't have too much to say about 9-11 today. but in fact, i think it's only decent to continue to focus on the victims of katrina, who still desperately need our help right now. . . .for us new yorkers who didn't lose loved ones to revel in 9-11 today is a perhaps a little unfeeling, if you will forgive me for saying so.

of course we mustn't forget the dead, but the quick are suffering before us!

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