Thursday, March 23, 2006

ooh ooh ooh wireless & the sao benedito

and today guess what came in the mail? some of the most beautiful, roasted-almond smelling coffee -- from andrew b.'s ecco, the 2005 brazil c.o.e. second place, the sao benedito! with an amazing cupping score of 92.6, this should be some fantastic, super-premium brazil.

this coffee, grown in minas gerais, appears to be a pulped natural, yellow bourbon, like andrew's other coffee, the fazenda cachoeira, which i've mentioned here before several times.

and it's a rare coffee no doubt -- only 15 bags. the farmer, antônio josé junqueira villela, received a strong price: US$7.80 per pound green.

thanks so much andrew! i can't wait to make this up in the cafetiére. . .with a roast date of march 20, it should be just perfect for brewing.

in other news, devoted readers may recall that when mr. right gave me my beloved ipod shuffle for my birthday i lamented all the wires. the most common wireless headphones for the shuffle appear to be made by logitech, but they don't have a good track record for durability.

thus i've been looking into the -- i kid you not! -- brookstone wireless headphones for the shuffle with noise cancelling. what's great about these is that the ipod itself just slides right into the earpiece.

and they're white like the shuffle, too.

the noise-cancelling technology rests in the other earpiece, so the weight is nicely balanced. the brookstone 'phones weigh just a tad more than the bose noise-cancelling ones i use at my office.

another great feature so far is that the ipod controls are exposed through the earcup, so you just press the ipod controls while wearing the 'phones. the only drawback i've experienced in my one afternoon with these babies is that to turn the ipod off you do have to slide it out of the earpiece.

but that seems like a small inconvenience to me. i went down and took a look at them -- naturally i ended up purchasing a set.

i wore the 'phones walking back from the south street seaport to my office and i thought the noise cancelling was pretty good considering that it had to battle wall st. and lowest broadway during lunch hour traffic. will update with more info as i use 'em.

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