Sunday, August 20, 2006

do i have to make it all myself?

ok, so following up on yesterday, i went in online search of the best price for a nice raviolatrice (no, m.b., not a zamboni, a villaware!) and maybe an accompanying wooden pasta board. currently i'm making my pasta on a large maple cutting board, which really isn't wide enough.

and of course a simple pastry wheel to cut the ravioli out. but when i took a gander at the cost of wooden pasta boards -- i really want something about 30 inches square -- i find those commercially available are not only too small but also cost a freaking armored truck o' cash.

US$80 for a piece of wood only 28 x 24! i could go to nyc's wholesale flower district -- what's left of it -- and practically buy an entire tree for that!

i know my nice pals at dykes lumber can do me better; i have my own sandpaper and salad bowl oil. the "lips" aren't necessary, as you can place the board on a towel or silpat to keep it from sliding.

i'll order the raviolatrice tomorrow. the pasta board i have to think about: where to store it? there's the rub!

oh, and i'm still searching for that pumpkin filling recipe. (note: avoid this guy. while i've long complained that most instructions for fresh pasta are overly complicated and waaay useless, that this guy can't do it doesn't say much for his supposed lifetime of cooking and foodwriting, does it?

my objection here is his addition of oil -- which i see in a lot of the online recipes -- yes, it does help keep the dough from sticking and because it coats the gluten, it makes it easier to roll out. the drawback?

your pasta will never really be al dente, because it won't have the gluten formation that gives it the all-desirable toothiness. you don't need the oil if you simply let the dough relax. . .)

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