Thursday, August 24, 2006

the jingle-jangle of those silvery hooves

and what came dancing in this morning, but jessica's fantastic batdorf dancing goat in its nifty new package? thanks muchly, jessica!

also, the second marcella pasta pin (matterello) is on its way to d. miller in philly; i'm losing one rolling device only to acquire another, the raviolatrice.

i had rather thought the whole pumpkin ravioli thing was on a long-term track toward autumn, but my husband dropped me a big hint in the form of a nice pastry wheel (rotellina) for cutting said ravioli out.

do i really need that 30-in. square pasta board (spianatoia) right now? wherever will i store it?

thus, dear readers, i must intensify my previous request to you: best recipe for pumpkin ravioli filling? any urls or cookbooks?

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