Thursday, September 14, 2006

lunch at fci

so yesterday long-time bccy pal oren and myself lunched at fci, which i resolutely maintain is the most pleasant room in all new york. we had duck and watched jacques pepin himself wander the floor talking to diners.

we talked a lot about coffee, but i'd rather take a moment to note a nice email i got this morning from the awesome yogini nancy la nasa! she's on track to open her new studio soon and i encourage everyone who can to check it out.

nancy herself offers a hopeful and trenchant comment on all the 9-11 tinfoil hats: trenchant being "oy!" and hopeful, the one we should never forget: captain patrick brown.

once she reminded me of this site, i said, that's it!

the rest of the day is now devoted to him, and i personally intend to devote my own practice this evening to that brave man and fellow yoga student. i hope all of you readers who haven't practiced yet today will look at his website and be moved do likewise.

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