Saturday, January 20, 2007

dos fincas salvadorenas

so i have in house 2 coffees from el salvador: peter g's counterculture finca malacara c.o.e. & jessica's batdorf finca siberia pacamara.

would i think tasting them blind that they came from the same origin? no way.

as jessica remarked to me, the siberia seems more like a washed yrg than a central, actually. i think that's due to the unusual terroir in which it's grown.

that must give it its grapefruited citrusyness. anyway, both the malacara and the siberia are fantastic coffees.

i'm glad i don't have to choose between 'em. i brewed the wonderful siberia in the chemex today -- because these pacamara beans are so huge and weightless, it seems like it takes 8 or 9 coffee scoops to get 2 oz. ground instead of the usual 5 or 6.

having tried the siberia both in the cafetiére and the chemex, i think i'm liking it better in the latter. for today.

btw, what is about this coffee that whenever i drink it, it snows? i'd like to note that no snow came to nyc until jessica sent the siberia to begin with. . .coincidence?

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