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Friday, September 23, 2005


the so-called scaa "first responders" may yet keep the doors open. it seems that in just a few days they have already raised US$100,000.

so keep up the good work!

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Thursday, September 22, 2005

regional coffee culture, part liv

"taupo will become the unofficial coffee capital of new zealand for three days when more than 6000 coffee lovers turn up for a festival celebrating the bean, beginning tomorrow."

wouldn't this be a fantastic festival to attend? the coffee culture in the southern hemisphere is just amazing.

i can only hope that someday we can have such a large event here in the u.s.a.!

finally, it's with great reluctance that i mention the alleged scaa embezzlement scandal. i've gotten a lot of email about it.

all i can say is that the facts are still somewhat unknown; a thorough investigation will take some time.

it seems as if the most we can do is wish the organization the best until more is known. some "first responders" are donating funds to tide scaa over in the meantime.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

si caffe in london

it's true: i dragged coffee from new york -- si caffe's san marco blend -- and of course andrew's espresso here to london. you can't say i'm not nice to my coffee, flying it first class on virgin as i do.

yes, i probably have illegally smuggled coffee into england. oh well.

the weather here today is perfectly seattle, as usual. yesterday in nyc, it was 80 degrees, humid.

today, it's totally 60 degrees, gray, windy, and on the verge of raining. . .some change, hmm?

let's hope massive climate changes don't give me a cold!

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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

ecco brazil

nothing makes us at bccy happier than a package from andrew barnett at ecco. filled naturally with his astonishing espresso based in super-premium brazils. . . .and accompanied by his offering notes, which are just the perfect mini-histories of the coffees.

if you're not drinking andrew's coffees yet, you are missing out on the artistry of one of the most breath-taking coffee talents of our time. no, really.

it's amazing what he can do with daterra. and so many of his coffees are c.o.e. winners.

thank you, andrew!

in other news today, i'm really enjoying two small giggles -- my own fortune teller notebook (water your dreams!) and of course the t-shirt i intend to design when i have moment next week:

"the stunning actress insists she's not a yoga-mad type, but can understand women who become obsessed. . ."

lemme pick myself off the floor and try to stopping laughing uproariously. but seriously, to replace my old ashtanga makes me grumpy slogan, i'm gonna go with a plain obsessed on the front at a wacky angle, as if stamped by some mad postal inspector, and a nice silhouette of ashtavakrasana on back.

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Monday, September 19, 2005

india fights back

"the indian government is furious that yoga practices dating back thousands of years are being 'stolen' by gurus and fitness instructors in Europe and the United States. foreign practitioners are already said to have claimed hundreds of patents and copyrights on poses and techniques lifted straight from classical indian yoga treatises.

'yoga piracy is becoming very common and we are moving to do something about it. . .'

well i didn't intend this week to become yoga week, but hey, the universe is dragging me that way. so i'll surrender.

i think it's clever that the indians are striking by just patenting the stuff themselves. it's clearly a strike back at bikram, et. al.

the patent office is stupid to grant these things on ancient techniques that are common knowledge all over the world. i mean, could i now patent galileo's barometer?

or the telescope isaac newton describes in his optics? these yoga poses are likewise described in ancient yoga books!

should i find the descendants of christian huygens and offer them a fortune?

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Sunday, September 18, 2005

not what chest breathing is about. . .

for some reason this week, the ny times is all over yoga. today we see a hilarious article. . .um, when we focus on the chest in our various poses, this isn't what we're after!

today i'm making a pizza dough with high-gluten flour (because that's what i had in the house this morning!) and folding it 3 times. we'll see how that comes out.

in general, the weather is exactly what we should have had in oh, june. but for the last 2 years the seasons have been all messed up here in new york, bizarrely unlike themselves, and wildly erratic.

so in short it's a beautiful day, which i am enjoying with a just a couple fine americanos, thanks to jessica's batdorf dancing goat. on the chocolate front, a colleague returned from switzerland last week with mini-bars of the usual frey, which she handed out by the boatload to all.

alas, my share appeared to be mostly milk. . . .

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